Beyond Business-As-Usual

The benefits of plastics are legion and mostly preferred over other materials (metal, glass, ceramic, paper/cardboard). Unfortunately, over the past 70 years, irresponsible handling of plastics products – to a large extend packaging - has turned an initial success story into an as such perceived tragedy. A business-as-usual continuation is therefore not an option. The alternatives however require a complex socio-economic paradigm shift in the mindset of all citizens and trans-disciplinary actions for companies and involved stakeholders. The Plastics Update conference aims to present a multi-generational roadmap to shape plastics, more precisely defined as polymeric materials, that enable and contribute towards establishing a sustainable society. 

To that end we are bringing together speakers with a vision beyond business-as-usual that enables integrating aspects of polymeric materials, digitalization, societal and economical options. This open system approach takes the long view as presented in the multi-generational themes of dealing with the immediate challenges of today, the greening 2.0 of tomorrow, and the ultimate sustainable integration of human activity in a biodiverse biosphere.

Program outline: 

  • Introduction:
    • An Open Strategic Roadmap – Rudy Koopmans
  • Themes
    • What to do with the existing plastics?
    • The future is Biomass
    • EU Green Deal Impact
  • Closing remarks


Bd de Perolles 80
Salle Gremaud
Fribourg, CH


Tuesday 14 November 2023

Plastics Innovation Competence Center​​​​

Passage du Cardinal 1
Bâtiment A, Halle 1
CH-1700 Fribourg